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eco-resortThe population of the planet is skyrocketing and providing food for   the world is becoming extremely difficult. The need of the hour is sustainable cultivation and production of food  for all. In Bangladesh,  chemical free fruits, vegetable and other food are rarely available. In  order to ensure good health we need hygienic food. Organic farming  contributes to the  health and well being of soil, plants, animals, humans and the earth. It is the sustenance of mental, physical, ecological and social well being. Organic farming provides good  quality of  life and helps in reducing poverty. Natural resources must  be judiciously used and preserved for future generations. Keeping  this in mind, the initiative for establishing an  organic farm has been  taken. In addition to other projects the main focus of Agrotech  Village will be producing and marketing of different types  agricultural, dairy and poultry products. Agrotech Village has already acquired 25.00 acres of land at Tetulia, Panchagor. In  addition to our own land, we have also taken initiative for producing different types of fruits and vegetables under contract farming. In this context, formation of Farmer’s Club is under process, through which farmers / land owners of the adjacent area will get more return.



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  Country Club & Model Village      (Phanchagor) 20140209_122313 Country Club (Inani Beach)
Lassen-NP-313 Country Club (Ramgor) flat-4  Washpur Flat Project
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