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eco-resortThe population of the planet is skyrocketing and providing food for A� the world is becoming extremely difficult. The need of the hour is sustainable cultivation and production of food A�for all. In Bangladesh, A�chemical free fruits, vegetable and other food are rarely available. In A�order to ensure good health we need hygienic food. Organic farming A�contributes to the A�health and well being of soil, plants, animals, humans and the earth. It is the sustenance of mental, physical, ecological and social well being. Organic farming provides good A�quality of A�life and helps in reducing poverty. Natural resources must A�be judiciously used and preserved for future generations. Keeping A�this in mind, the initiative for establishing an A�organic farm has been A�taken. In addition to other projects the main focus of Agrotech A�Village will be producing and marketing of different types A�agricultural, dairy and poultry products.A�Agrotech Village has already acquired 25.00 acres of land at Tetulia, Panchagor. In A�addition to our own land, we have also taken initiative for producing different types of fruits and vegetables under contract farming. In this context, formation of Farmera��s Club is under process, through which farmers / land owners of the adjacent area will get more return.



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A�A�Country Club & Model Village A� A� A�(Phanchagor) 20140209_122313A�Country Club (Inani Beach)
Lassen-NP-313A�Country Club (Ramgor) flat-4A�A�Washpur Flat Project
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