About Us


Eradicate poverty in rural areas and setting standards in producing and marketing of agricultural products.


  1. Quality products and services to our customers
  2. Ensure fair prices of different agricultural products both at the producer and consumer level
  3. Reducing post-harvest loss (mostly borne by the farmers) by establishing forward linkage facilities
  4. Agrotech Village will manage the business in order to provide superior return to stakeholders.

Ethical Standards

  1. We will conduct ourselves in an ethical manner and act as a sensible corporate citizen in all communities in which the company operates
  2. We care about the natural environment
  3. In all our activities we wish to protect the environment from harmful influences, conserve natural resources and promote environmental awareness

Our Strengths

  1. Honesty and integrity
  2. Firm Commitment
  3. Sponsors have already invested from their own pocket
  4. Land measuring 25 acres have already been purchased
  5. Prospective investors will get registration within 03 (three) days from the date of payment
  6. Project work is going on
  7. A new investment concept for green return
  8. We are not developer, will stay as partner


All types of deshi / local fruits, vegetables, fish, meat (chicken, beef and mutton), rice, different types of dairy products and spices are available.

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