How to Write a 5-Page Essay

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So your professor required you to write an essay with five pages. How are you going to write an essay that long? Experts from essays writing service think regardless of the required format, this guide will help you get started. Even though there is no set formula for writing a five-page essay, it will help keeping in mind these guidelines:


Do Your Research

First and foremost, choose a topic area of your interest and explore this more through research. You can source from books or the Internet to gather as much data as possible about your desired topic. Note down relevant findings and bookmark significant information so that you might not miss them later on.


Formulate a Thesis Statement

Basing from your research, decide the central idea of your essay or the thesis statement. Your thesis statement defines the goal of your essay, thus controlling your information input so that you will not stray from it. This should be concise and clear. If you are attempting to prove or disprove an existing information, then your thesis should include your position on the issue at hand.

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Establish an Outline

Now that you have your thesis statement, establish an outline to help you logically organize your essay. Your outline should follow from your thesis, treating this as your guide to only cite relevant information and include significant insights in your essay. Include in this outline the standard essay format of an introduction, body, and conclusion.


Create an interesting introduction

An interesting introduction should be able to grab your audience’s attention at the first sentence. For sure you were able to read something from essaykitchen.net that immediately grabbed your attention. As you want the same effect on your essay, consider how your introduction can compel readers to read on and at the same time, support your essay’s purpose. You can begin your essay by stating your main idea, or posing a question, or starting with a quote, or opening with an anecdote.


Structure the Body Paragraph

A hooking introduction is a strong one. Next, you must include evidences from reliable literature to support your argument. These can be from research papers, journals, or another analytical essays. Your evidences should be organized comprehensively and logically. Defend why you think these evidences support your thesis statement. If needed, you can add diagrams or models in the body to support each of your point. Proving that you really needed these examples or models in your essay will involve a long thinking process which you can express in your essay. Thus, guaranteeing length if you want your essay to be long.


Conclude your analysis

Once you exhaust your relevant evidence and analysis, it is time to wrap up everything. Summarize your findings along with the thesis statement and restate your insights. Your conclusion should relate back to your main point. Moreover, this should provide the reader something to take or learn from your piece, which can be new information or recommendations based on your analysis.


Writing a five-page essay is pretty much the same as writing a shorter essay, or any length of essay for that matter. Aside from reflecting your purpose and intention, your essay should follow the usual essay-writing guidelines: coming up with your thesis statement, constructing your outline, create a hooking introduction, lay down your evidences, and conclude your analysis. Last but not least, proofreading is a must!

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