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We are offering membership for availing Home Delivery service. Member for taking facilities of Home Delivery system at the initial stage will be limited in order to ensure better quality.

For membership no fee / charges is required, only a prescribed form is required to be filled in.

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Agrotech Village Ltd appreciates the NRB community as its highly valued patrons. We understand the value of their hard-earned remittance, their urge to keep contact with the motherland and also their fear of being misled and cheated. Agrotech Village Ltd is an initiative taken by highly skilled professionals with integrity, impeccable reputation and years of experience. All lifestyle projects of Agrotech Village Ltd are being constructed on unencumbered land, 100% owned by the company. Agrotech Village Ltd is ready to hand over the possession of the land immediately, with all relevant government permissions and NOC’s in place. Most Agrotech Village Ltd endeavors being high-end lifestyle projects with world-class design, materials and amenities shall not only ensure safe investment for the buyer but also yield high return in future. Agrotech Village Ltd shall guarantee undisturbed possession of the villas in absence of their owners.

As a sign of appreciation for our valued NRB clients, Agrotech Village Ltd was launched in December 2014 .

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