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Agrotech Tea Gardern

Details about Agrotech Tea Garden

Brief history of tea plantation in Bangladesh: During the colonial rule in India, Robert Bruce was the first who notice tea plants growing near Rangpur in 1823.

Agrotech Tea Garden is situated in the beautiful district of Panchagarh which is the second largest tea producing district in Bangladesh. At present we are following the Contract Farming Concept. We are planning to established the tea processing unit in the near future.

The garden covers a total landmass of 5 Acres. The route to the garden is easily accessible without any barriers. One can take the means of local transport route because the distance between the nearest railway station, and the tea garden is only 10 kilometers. Our tea garden is officially registered by the Bangladesh Tea Board.

tea-garden profit calculation

Approximate Profit Calculation for Individual Plots of Tea Garden: Total Leaf Production Schedule in 6.38 Decimals of Lands:

Tea Garden Information

Total Land: 5 Acres
Total Plots: 80
Land In Each: 6.38 Decimals
Selling Price For Each Plot: BDT 6,00,000.00
Development Cost: 35,000/-
Maintenance Fee (First 2 Years): 24,000/-
Total Amount To Be Paid: BDT 6,59,000/- Or Equivalent To USD 7500 @$1 = Bdt 87.8
Project Commence: June 2021
Project Completion: December 2021
Down Payment Minimum 50% of total figure.
Rest amount is payable in two monthly installments.